‘Biodiversity’ is a shortened version of ‘biological diversity’ and simply means the variety of life on earth. It includes the whole of the natural world, from species regarded as common to those critically endangered, and the ecosystems that they combine to produce.

The biodiversity of County Wexford impacts in a major way on key sectors such as agriculture, forestry and tourism. It is also a factor in critical areas such as flood abatement and erosion control. The maintenance of good biodiversity is crucial to the protection of our scenic landscapes, and to ensuring the continuation of the benefits it provides for our quality of life.

While the loss of biodiversity might be regarded as a global issue, action is needed at a local level if we are to slow down and stop the rate at which species and habitats are being lost. This is vital to our existence as we rely on nature for so much.

So what is the Wexford Tidy Towns Biodiversity Group about?
This short list gives an idea of where they are coming from:

  • Create awareness of and learn to live in harmony with, nature as we find it (try a little less to control nature)
  • Open minds and appreciate what we have on our doorstep (a small change in attitude in how we see things – a weed or a wild flower?)
  • Identify and protect sites around us which are rich in biodiversity
  • Promote the benefits of planting bee-friendly flowers, shrubs and trees
  • Provide nesting sites for species such as swifts (they miss the old buildings)
  • Take remedial steps so as to eradicate invasive plant species

Learn more about our Biodiversity campaign “Let’s Bee Friendly” and how you can pledge your support by planting at least one of the recommended pollinator friendly flowers in your garden or following some of the gardening tips to help our bees.