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Future-Proof Wexford 08/09/2015


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Future-Proofing Wexford

Thanks to a local group, who are looking at setting up a Transition Towns Movement in Wexford, for sending in this information about their launch event on the 8th September at 7.30pm in the Wexford Library. A group from Wexford town have been putting their heads together to see if they can sow the seeds of a local Transition Town Movement. This is viewed as an important first step in the process of future-proofing Wexford. The idea is to start with Wexford town and hopefully follow with similar initiatives in New Ross, Enniscorthy and Gorey.

A launch meeting takes place at Wexford Library 7.30pm, Tuesday, September 8. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce the concept to Wexford and to highlight its importance. The guest speaker on the occasion is Davie Philip of the organization Cultivate and one of those behind the Cloughjordan Eco-village. He will outline the importance globally, and the benefits locally, of ‘future-proofing Wexford’. This will be a catalyst to launching the initial projects, which involve providing (1) A practical service to help with installation and maintenance of rainwater harvesting devices and (2) A service to assist householders to make good compost.

Following the launch the plan is to organise a short calendar of follow-up events to build further awareness of, and interest in, the Transition Towns concept. Among those events planned for the future are a home-grown BBQ at the Riverbank House Hotel in late September, transition-themed films at Redmond Park and Wexford Arts Centre and collaborative events with local organisations already working to preserve our environment, our heritage and bring communities together like Wexford Tidy Towns. Wexford already has a very dynamic and successful Tidy Towns group. Transition Towns, apart from sharing the same initials, is also about bringing people together to show what can be achieved by working together.

The process of future-proofing Wexford is not about creating another organization to make it all happen, it is about getting existing organisations, groups and individuals to do what they can to nudge us along in the right direction. The project is about saving money and the Earth’s resources and, more specifically, helping to ‘Future–proof the Model County’.

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Future-Proofing Wexford

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Wexford Tidy Towns July 2015

Thank you to all our hard working volunteers who took part in our micro cleans and action days in July, some more great work was done to enhance the appearance of our town. Our first action day of the month was on the 4th July which saw us meet down on the Quays to clean the area around the rocks where there were lots of discarded cans, bottles, coffee mugs, sandwich wrappings and more. Please remember if you are enjoying your lunch etc. sitting on the walls on the Quays to dispose of your rubbish properly and not just throw it down in on the rocks (they are not a bin!) it is harmful to the environment and is also very difficult to reach in between the rocks. All our volunteers on the day did tremendous work though to remove a lot of this rubbish.

Our next big action day was on the 18th July where we met at the Nicky Rackard statute and tackled the alley leading from the bottom of Skeffington Street into McCauleys’ car park. We painted, litter picked, removed graffiti and generally improved the area. It was in a bad way and got some great attention from our wonderful volunteers. Thank you to everyone who gave Skeffington Street an amazing facelift, the place looks fantastic.

Well done to all our Wednesday volunteers too who come along every week to take part in micro enhancements in our town centre from litter picks (which include lots of cigarette butts!), painting and small maintenance projects. They are only one hour long and you can meet us at the bullring at 6pm on Wednesdays. We are always delighted when anyone joins us for a cleanup and if you can bring a friend with you even better.

We also handed out lots of cigarette butt storage cases this month to members of the public and local businesses during our activities to encourage people to stop littering their butts. Even if there is no bin nearby these cases can be used to store your butts safely in your pocket until you find one. Cigarette butts are one of our main pieces of litters we find during our clean-ups and cause huge problems for the environment as well as been unsightly. We can easily pick up 1000s of these during each cleanup. In the photo below taken by Denis Collins our chairman who counted 538 cigarette butts that he picked up just in the Bullring one night and there were others picking up equal amounts too. Please help us by stop throwing your butts on the ground if you smoke and instead dispose of them responsibly. We spend a lot of time picking up butts that could be better used on other projects.

A big thanks also to all our residents who continue to keep their own area clean. There have been great projects going on from installing new flower beds, frequent cleanings and painting community areas. Well done to all the residents for their great efforts you are a credit to your community. Please keep up the great work, by everyone keeping you own place clean and being responsible when you are around the town together we can keep Wexford clean and beautiful, more information on the next action Saturday in August will follow shortly.

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Event: Underwater Photography Exhibition

As part of Wexford Maritime festival, there will be a free underwater photography exhibition hosted in Wexford County Hall. This exhibition is related to the one of our major environmental assets our water. So drop in and see what lies beneath the water that surrounds us. There are 102 pictures taken by Irish divers and snorkelers, showcasing what we can see off the Irish coast and abroad. You will be guaranteed to see our water wildlife in a different way so it is well worth a visit. The exhibition will run every day and you are invited to visit during the week any time from 9am – 5pm to have a look. The exhibition will finish on Monday 22nd.

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Wexford in Bloom Delivers 2015

Wexford in Bloom were about the town getting the window boxes delivered and the hanging baskets up today. Thank you to all the businesses that took part in this year’s initiative and thank you to all the volunteers who were there to help deliver the baskets to the retailers. All the flowers were delivered to the residents in the Faythe, William St., and Hill St., last week. These areas are taking part in Wexford in Bloom’s residential scheme for the window boxes this year. The town is now blooming with colour for Summer 2015. Enjoy all the floral displays around the town for another year!

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Music Quiz Fundraiser 20th June 2015

Tidy Towns will be having their second fun music quiz to raise funds for our Tidy Town Activities. It will start at 7.30pm at Fusion Cafe on Saturday June 20th and is only €2.50 per person, a table of 4 for just €10. We are looking for a few spot prizes for the night so if anyone or business can help please get in touch. Thank you to Liz Moloney from PlayZone who has offered us some free family passes to Playzone. So come along and have some fun on the night and support Wexford Tidy Towns. All money raised will help support our efforts to keep Wexford clean and beautiful for everyone.

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Action Days May 2015

Over the next few weeks we need to keep our town as clean and tidy as possible in advance of the Tidy Towns Judges Adjudication. Join our volunteers who are out three times a week Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday taking actions to improve our town. Wednesdays we meet in the Bullring and Thursdays by the Nicky Rackard statue in Selskar for one hour. All equipment is supplied. Our big Action Event every week is on Saturday at 10am for about one and a half hours. Just send us a message or check out Facebook, Twitter or the website here and we will let you know when and where we will be meeting next. If you could join us for one of these meetups it would really help us tidy and improve the town.

Recently we joined forces with the Inland Waterways on Saturday 16th May and had a lovely morning cleanup on Kaat Strand. Our volunteers were all litter-picking as there was a large amount of rubbish washed up, mostly plastic bottles and plastic bags, there was also a lot of dumping. On Saturday 23rd we met at the tourist office on the Quay to paint and clean on the Crescent Quay. We met there again on Saturday 30th to finish off the painting. We also had a group out at Woodies roundabout picking up litter on the 30th. We will be moving on to paint Fettit’s Lane now during our evening cleanups. Next Saturday June 6th we will be painting the old cinema across from Dunnes, we need anyone who is willing to paint for an hour or two, if you can help please message me as I need to know how many brushes etc we need.

Thank you to all the volunteers who joined us at our Action Days. We also want to say a big thank you to Michael Hayes and his staff at O’ Briens Sandwich bar on Main Street, who looks after the Tidy Towns volunteers, every week we are on the town we really enjoy the tea/coffee and chat afterwards.


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