Get Involved Summer 2015

Now is the time for all estates to be doing their bit to make Wexford as tidy and as beautiful as possible in advance of the Tidy Towns Adjudicator visit. If your residents association or community group is improving or tidying your area please let us know we can help by organising equipment and disposal of rubbish. Alternatively act in your local area and organise a clean-up, litter pick or some planting to make your street or estate more beautiful. Some areas that have already got involved like Maudlintown and The Marys who are tidying and improving the South end of the town while The Estuary estate are doing the same on the North end. It’s great to see the residents, of all ages, taking such good care of their own estate and areas they look absolutely fantastic. If your area has organised it’s own clean up let us know and we will highlight your great work.


And it is not just groups that can help. Individual people can make a difference too by tidying directly outside your own house. Please bin your cigarette butts, bin your chewing gum and pick up after your dog these are some of our biggest offenders. Even by picking up one just piece of litter every day, you can make a difference. Please remember that the Judge for Tidy Town’s competition will be arriving in the next month so we need your help to keep the town in the best condition it needs to be to win a medal again this year.

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