Wexford Tidy Towns is involved with a wide range of projects as we aim to enhance the natural beauty of Wexford Town and make the people aware of what we do and how they can help improve their own area.

  • We run regular cleanups every month usually meeting at 10am on a Saturday at different locations around the town find out more here.
  • The biodiversity committee do a wonderful job at “Greening” Wexford. Find out more about biodiversity in Wexford and check out the biodiversity category for events and articles related to biodiversity.
  • Learn about the Green-Schools programme and what ‘Green’ activities local Green-Schools have undertaken, as well as their involvement in the Wexford in Bloom Competition School Awards.
  • Wexford Tidy Towns Committee work in association with Wexford In Bloom a voluntary organisation that organise colourful floral displays for local areas and retailers’ premises in the town for residents and tourists alike to enjoy.