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Future-Proof Wexford 08/09/2015


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Future-Proofing Wexford

Thanks to a local group, who are looking at setting up a Transition Towns Movement in Wexford, for sending in this information about their launch event on the 8th September at 7.30pm in the Wexford Library. A group from Wexford town have been putting their heads together to see if they can sow the seeds of a local Transition Town Movement. This is viewed as an important first step in the process of future-proofing Wexford. The idea is to start with Wexford town and hopefully follow with similar initiatives in New Ross, Enniscorthy and Gorey.

A launch meeting takes place at Wexford Library 7.30pm, Tuesday, September 8. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce the concept to Wexford and to highlight its importance. The guest speaker on the occasion is Davie Philip of the organization Cultivate and one of those behind the Cloughjordan Eco-village. He will outline the importance globally, and the benefits locally, of ‘future-proofing Wexford’. This will be a catalyst to launching the initial projects, which involve providing (1) A practical service to help with installation and maintenance of rainwater harvesting devices and (2) A service to assist householders to make good compost.

Following the launch the plan is to organise a short calendar of follow-up events to build further awareness of, and interest in, the Transition Towns concept. Among those events planned for the future are a home-grown BBQ at the Riverbank House Hotel in late September, transition-themed films at Redmond Park and Wexford Arts Centre and collaborative events with local organisations already working to preserve our environment, our heritage and bring communities together like Wexford Tidy Towns. Wexford already has a very dynamic and successful Tidy Towns group. Transition Towns, apart from sharing the same initials, is also about bringing people together to show what can be achieved by working together.

The process of future-proofing Wexford is not about creating another organization to make it all happen, it is about getting existing organisations, groups and individuals to do what they can to nudge us along in the right direction. The project is about saving money and the Earth’s resources and, more specifically, helping to ‘Future–proof the Model County’.

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Future-Proofing Wexford

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