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Wexford in Bloom 2021


The flowering of the town, both in communal areas and for local businesses committed to flowering their own premises, requires planning by our team from early April, with the ordering of the window boxes, the selection of flowers and plants, and the expertise of the nursery in tending to them to produce an explosion of colour at just the right time to provide the uplifting and dazzling colour transformation of the town in early June.


Unfortunately, in 2020, the Covid situation meant that, for the first time in 10 years, we were unable to carry out this beautiful transformation. For 2021, however, we made the decision to put the machinery in motion, and all of the flower displays are being implemented on June 1st. Our planting collaboration with the nursery will ensure that there will be a rainbow of colours in the town all the way to September!

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Community Projects

We wanted to reach out to the community, and particularly youth, who were so negatively impacted by the pandemic. Working with the schools, we were able to help teachers and students to choose and implement projects, again with Tidy Towns providing advice, equipment and practical facilities. In the past few weeks we worked with a group of students from Selskar College on their Project where they made 2 wooden wheelbarrow planters constructed in Mr. Ryans class.



Selskar College Wheelbarrow planters

Selskar College Wheelbarrow Planters

Selskar College Wheelbarrow planters

Selskar College Wheelbarrow Planters

In a recent collaberation with IT Carlow, Wexford Campus, we provided advice and assistance to student Ilaria Berardi for her concept of an “Earth Bin” Installation.   Her innovative creation was displayed on Wexford Quays to enormous interest, and within 2 hours, the “Earth  Bin” had been filled with rubbish by passers-by.



Earth Bin – a concept by Ilaria Berardi



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Wexford Tidy Towns during the Covid Pandemic

The Pandemic obviously presented challenges for the Tidy Towns group. A number of members were unavailable, as they were shielding. Projects where close teamwork was required were not feasible. Meetings could only be carried out over Zoom.

We concentrated on wider-area projects, where safe social distancing could be observed. For cleanups in areas such as Kaat’s strand and approach roads such as Carcur , individuals were allocated stretches of the targeted area, and each volunteer was responsible for their own section.

This all had a very unfortunate down-side to the social side of the group. The chat and banter while we worked was missing, and of course the ritual of the ‘tea-and-scones’ at the end of all the hard work had to be foregone. This loss cannot be overestimated – the dynamic of the group drives its morale and the shared sense of satisfaction of a job well done. The conversations also contributed hugely to suggestions of future projects, and reports of areas which were becoming in need of attention.

While we wait for normality to return, re-focusing is required. Within the group, each member volunteered to adopt an area where they would be responsible for regular litter-picks. Over social media we reached out to invite communities to organize clean-ups in their own neighbourhoods, with Tidy Towns providing the required equipment, and organizing the Council operatives to pick up the accumulated rubbish bags and sundry items.


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