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Summer 2016 Wexford Tidy Towns

Wexford Tidy Towns undertook several areas to improve during the Summer months with our largest project being St. Peter’s Square which was given a much needed facelift to this beautiful spot in our town. The major upgrade included painting flower tubs, the bandstand and fountain, cleaning the area and replanting the flowerbeds. Our volunteers are a real asset to our town and have shown the great work they can do to make this significant improvement to St. Peter’s Square. A lot of love and attention went into this project so go have a look at this area in our town, a beautiful place to stop and sit or pass through.


We also focused on several other areas, flower beds were weeded and got ready for the new plants, Wexford in Bloom did their annual flowering of the town, the anti-gum litter campaign was running, there was painting, weeding and sweeping around Clifford Street/Bride street which made a significant improvement to this area. We also focused on the main streets of our town, carparks, the Bullring and Crescent – All Working together to keep Wexford Clean and Beautiful.


We would like to thank Stuart in Aldi for the donation of some lovely unsold flowers, burst bags of compost and bark that he has donated to Wexford Tidy Towns. We would also like to thank John in Tesco who has donated unsold plants to use in our projects. We are so grateful and will put all the lovely plants and compost to great use. Thank you to you both for your donation this Summer now we can bloom up the town even more.

Thanks to all our volunteers for everything they have achieved this year. We are always looking for more volunteers everyone is welcome and there is something to do for everyone. We really need your help so why don’t you come on down for a couple of hours to help out. If you have a community project in mind or would like to do a litter pick walk yourself get in touch and we can supply litter pickers. Keep an eye on our Facebook or website for details of upcoming events. We meet on Saturdays and some evening during the week if you can help in any way get in touch.

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