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April 2014 Cleanups

In April we covered several major areas of the town with our clean-ups and thanks to all our volunteers for their hard work and time given to help keep Wexford clean and beautiful. You make all the difference to our town.

paintingbullringgate2014Our first Saturday cleanup of the month met 10am April 12th on the Quay and we covered the area from Redmond Square out to the garage in Carcur. There were 21 volunteers on the day and they made a huge difference to this area collecting over 44 bags of rubbish. Some of our lovely volunteers gave a gate in the Bullring a new coat of paint which really brightened up the look of the place. Photos of the cleanup taken on the day can be accessed here.

On Saturday April 19th we had our biggest spring cleaning day of the year as April is National Spring Clean Month. We met in the Ferrybank carpark and cleaned from there out to Crosstown including litter picking, weeding, sweeping and whatever else needed doing in that area. Luckily it was a beautiful sunny day and had some fantastic volunteers involved who gave Ferrybank area a great face lift. Thanks also to the Riverbank Hotel for the much appreciated tea/coffee and scones.

Our last Saturday cleanup of the month was on 26th April we met in St. Joseph club and cleaned up the Whiterock Hill area with photos taken on the day here. Our next Saturday cleanup will be in the Kaat Strand area on the 10th of May.

sweepingwhiterockhill2014 Wexford Tidy Towns have been holding regular one hour cleanups meeting in the Bullring at 6 pm Wednesday evenings to focus on the main street of the town. We are hoping to expand these cleanups to everyday of the week and get more people involved. At the moment we are looking for 28 volunteers to give us one hour a week so we can have a team of 4 able to go out every night to keep the main street clean. If you would be interested in getting involved get in touch on Facebook or send us a email

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2014 Biodiversity Campaign Launch “Let’s Bee Friendly”

On Thursday the 10th April 2014, there was a large attendance at the new Wexford Town Library for the launch of the “Let’s Bee Friendly” campaign. This is being sponsored jointly by the “Biodiversity” Volunteers attached to the Wexford Tidy Town effort and is supported by Wexford County Council as an action under the Wexford County Biodiversity Action Plan 2013-2018.

Speakers were introduced by Wexford Librarian Linda Horan. Niamh Lennon of the Planning Section explained the purpose of the exhibition, which will continue on display at the Library for the next few weeks. The principle aim of the project is to invite the wider public to support the effort to arrest the decline in recent years of the bee population. The idea is simply to ask people to plant some “bee friendly” shrubs and flowers in their gardens.

Pat Murray, the Chairman of the Wexford County branch of the Irish Farmers Association outlined the importance of the bee to the local and national economy with regard to agricultural production. He informed us that their Wexford branch had 3500 members and that the local economy has a value of €134M. The IFA is very appreciative of and fully supports the efforts of all measures to arrest bee population decline.

John Morgan of South Wexford Bee Keepers Association gave a very interesting outline of the state of affairs with regard to managing bees. John has been working with bees for over thirty years. His outline of the subject ranged from a brief description of the main types of bees and that there were 101 known bee species some years ago which have now been reduced by one third. He also covered some of the political and legal complexities attached to bee management in the modern world.

On the brighter side, he informed us that, as a consequence of the fine summer last year, the Forth Mountain honey had a lovely deep colour and excellent flavour. A “very good year”, as the wine experts might put it!

Why do we need to save the decline of the bee? Of the 100 crops that provide 90% of the world’s food supply, 71 of these crops are pollinated by bees, fascinating or what? So, no bees 71 crops disappear, a frightening thought wouldn’t you agree? So the little bee is vital to our survival and now is the time to take action. Find a quiet corner in your garden, plant a flower to feed a bee and help save the planet, we kid you not!

All are invited to visit the exhibition which includes fascinating facts about bees which are on display at Wexford Town Library. There are very colourful brochures with advice on the different plants, including daffodils, willows, heathers, rosemary, lavender etc., which are available at all local gardening stockists and which are bee friendly.

Pledge your support to the ‘Let’s Bee Friendly Campaign’ by planting at least one of the recommended pollinator friendly flowers in your garden or following some of the gardening tips to help our bees. Email your pledge to or fill out the form on our campaign page to let everyone know how you are helping our bees. Help us save the bees and possibly the planet.

(Written by: Ambrose Madders)

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WTT Cleanup 29th March 2014

Wexford Tidy Towns had another great cleanup on Saturday 29th March. Thank you to everyone who turned out on the day to help out. We met in Woodies carpark and focused on the Clonard Road area first and then moved over to Kileens to clear up some of the dumped rubbish there too. Afterwards we moved over to the Paupers Graveyard where we are currently involved in a project there to dig, clear and plant some new plants in the Paupers Graveyard. We were delighted to get so much work done on the day. Thank you to everyone who donated their time, Wexford Tidy Towns really appreciate it. Some great photos on our Facebook page of the days cleanup including before and after photos of the Clonard/Kileen Roundabout area we focused on and photos of the planting in Paupers Graveyard too.

paupers graveyard

Here we have some of the people who helped out on the day planting in the Paupers Graveyard. Between the Clonard Road, Kileens and the Paupers Graveyard, there was 21 bags of rubbish and a truck full of scrub removed. Thank you so much to the people involved. Well done everyone.

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