April 2014 Cleanups

In April we covered several major areas of the town with our clean-ups and thanks to all our volunteers for their hard work and time given to help keep Wexford clean and beautiful. You make all the difference to our town.

paintingbullringgate2014Our first Saturday cleanup of the month met 10am April 12th on the Quay and we covered the area from Redmond Square out to the garage in Carcur. There were 21 volunteers on the day and they made a huge difference to this area collecting over 44 bags of rubbish. Some of our lovely volunteers gave a gate in the Bullring a new coat of paint which really brightened up the look of the place. Photos of the cleanup taken on the day can be accessed here.

On Saturday April 19th we had our biggest spring cleaning day of the year as April is National Spring Clean Month. We met in the Ferrybank carpark and cleaned from there out to Crosstown including litter picking, weeding, sweeping and whatever else needed doing in that area. Luckily it was a beautiful sunny day and had some fantastic volunteers involved who gave Ferrybank area a great face lift. Thanks also to the Riverbank Hotel for the much appreciated tea/coffee and scones.

Our last Saturday cleanup of the month was on 26th April we met in St. Joseph club and cleaned up the Whiterock Hill area with photos taken on the day here. Our next Saturday cleanup will be in the Kaat Strand area on the 10th of May.

sweepingwhiterockhill2014 Wexford Tidy Towns have been holding regular one hour cleanups meeting in the Bullring at 6 pm Wednesday evenings to focus on the main street of the town. We are hoping to expand these cleanups to everyday of the week and get more people involved. At the moment we are looking for 28 volunteers to give us one hour a week so we can have a team of 4 able to go out every night to keep the main street clean. If you would be interested in getting involved get in touch on Facebook or send us a email info@wexfordtidytowns.com

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